The Might of a 5 Letter Word Called Might

The Might of a 5 Letter Word Called Might
The natural law is tooth and claw. All else is error.
When used as a noun, might means a person’s power or strength, like the might it takes to get a stuck lid off a jar of peanut butter, or the impressive power of a group, like a country’s military might
Might is also a verb used to express possibility, like when you might go for a walk if it doesn’t rain.
Here, the discourse is the latter- the one that expresses possibility.
The ‘might’ in “this might work.” An approach designed by hope, optimism and wanting to take the leap of faith.
The propensity to take a call, embark on an initiative, make a generous assertion about things you can’t be sure of.
Many hands make light work. Extending the analogy, many a ‘ might ‘, will add up, compound and make things work.


Was it Bismark who quoted ‘ Might is Right ‘? Though he was referring to the other might, when used as a noun. We rather use might as a verb

Hope is more than a four letter word

Making a Cape  sorry..Case of Good Hope!


We all know 2020 has been quite the decade (and we all have the stress wrinkles to prove it), so here’s hoping that this blog on hope is a boost.


Wisdom of the crowds.


Collective bias.


Herd mentality.


Birds of the same feather flocking together.


All of the above exemplifies the force and velocity of a human collective.


Why not add hope to the mix? The power of collective hope.


Unabashed capitalism has never been a great ally of either faith or hope. But our hopes, not our hurts, shape our future.


If we can combine accepting finite disappointment without losing infinite hope, we would all be in clover.


Writer and essayist Lu Xun has this to share on the power of collective hope:


” Hope is like a road in the country side..where there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence “.


It’s not too late. The space of possibilities is endless. The most interesting terrain remains unexplored. Hope is like the sun. Never fails to rise.


Hope is a powerful four letter word. And collective hope is a fource to reckon with.