Power Fool!

The word ‘ oxymoron ‘ is itself an oxymoron.


It’s derived from two greek words viz ‘ oxus ‘ (sharp) and ‘ moros ‘(dull).


But this is not about ‘ oxymorons ‘. Hope that comes as a relief.


Have you ever experienced the ‘ power of giving away power ‘?


The myth that floats around is that ‘ if you let go off hierarchy, chaos will reign..or so many leaders believe ‘.


But the reality is that when leaders find the courage to distribute rather than hoard power, creativity multiplies, trust deepens and inclusivity expands..


..and a new kind of order begins to emerge. Where one can stand out and fit in. Both at the same time. Try it. And see the magic unfold.


That’s what is called the Constellation Mindset.. one which (metaphorically put), is about farming than hunting, it’s about being bottom up rather than top down.


Where each of us is a star and also connected to others to form something greater. As they say, the whole being more than the sum total of its parts.


That is how Visa reimagined how we pay for things..


..how Wikipedia beat the richest company in the world ( Microsoft Encarta) and..


..how Barack Obama and his grassroots team revolutionised political campaigning during his inaugural US presidential race.


All these leaders what most leaders dread- they gave away power.


The Constellation Mindset shines the foremost in some of the most impactful organisations and innovations the world has ever known.


And it encourages us all to see the power we can create by seeing and recognising the power in others.


And making the leap. To lead, TOGETHER!





2 thoughts on “Power Fool!”

  1. Creativity is possible only when we don’t try to ‘fit in’. When we conform to a pattern ( that is what the majority does) there is no hope for creativity. Creativity is possible only when there is no fear of authority and failure. The culture in India has a lot do with lack of inventions in India as we are in a prison of do’s and dont’s and mostly busy with making incremental changes to what we know.

    We are tethered to too many management cliches and archaic beliefs. We have to cut ourselves loose so we can fly high and innovate.

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