Curiosity skilled the cat…


If you are curious, why a blog post on curiosity just a few weeks after I had written about enrolling into the university of curiosity( you can read it here if you are interested, it is because of my quest to build a curious mind and encourage a few others to do the same.


The old saying goes ” curiosity killed the cat “, which is more a caution to being too nosy or inquisitive, but in reality, asking questions and seeking knowledge is a valuable way to learn and grow. Our default thinking revolves around assumptions, biases and certainty and the lens with which we see things(both old and new) is conditioned by that. By living a curiosity-inspired life, including practicing things like asking great questions and seeking out diverse perspectives, you are showing others how we can all begin to live and in turn how we can begin to change how we approach our relationships, the way we help children learn, the way we help young people cope and grow.


That said, there are two sides to the curiosity coin. Curiosity can impede you as well just as much it can inspire. Because curiosity can send you in multiple directions( being macro-curious) and fracture your attention and focus, both of which are the bedrocks of progress and achievement. So, curiosity without focus is a sub optimal calling. Which could be the reason why you might start a few projects and complete not very many. You drift from one thing to the other, and because they might be unrelated, you do not accumulate any continuity or advantage on the way.


Micro curiosity helps move the needle forward on the task at hand. Exploring areas that are heterogenous to your own, finding hacks to solve a problem that you are encountering, asking questions as to how things work etc but all of that while being diverse confluence back to finishing your task or project on hand.


How is your curiosity being directed? Is it rocket fuel or a speed breaker? Is it macro or micro? Get the cue..



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