Oh..to be a ‘ misfit ‘, may not be in the fitness of things!


This probably might not be for those who miss fitting in. I am sorry if it is not for you. Perhaps I don’t fit in. That said, I am happy to be a misfit !


The famous rapper and singer Drake said, “I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection “.


If vulnerability is your strength, you might be a misfit..


If standing naked in your own truth is your go-to attire, you might be a misfit..


If your answers are questions, you might be a misfit..


If you are leading as a follower, you might be a misfit..


If you sit comfortably while standing inside your own failure, you might be a misfit..


If you don’t fall prey to the  ‘ wisdom of the crowds ‘, you might be a misfit..


If you are contrarian in your thinking, you might be a misfit..


If you don’t run the wanting to be an ‘ also ran race ‘, you might be a misfit..


If you are open about your ‘ imposter syndrome ‘, you might be a misfit..


If, as a personality, you don’t want to B Type A, you might be a misfit..


If you see shame in being the same, you might be a misfit..


If ‘ out of place ‘ is the place you seek, you might be a misfit..


If you don’t want to be all things to all people, you might be a misfit..



It must have come as a relief that a lot of us misfits so have so many places to go to, situations to be in and standards to be measured by. Perhaps because, institutionalized rejection of difference is an absolute necessity in a profit economy which needs we outsiders as surplus people.


As Sarah Addison Allen put it out it so beautifully “ Misfits need a place to get away, too. All that trying to fit in is exhausting.



Tenancy Violations!

Of Tenants & Landlords!

NOTICE: Your tenancy can expire any time!

Just a bit about the striking harbinger of a shift- our wholesale tilt towards becoming a tenant society. Today we may have the mistaken notion that we own things because we paid for them(through the nose or credit card go figure out) and brought them home, but as long as they run software or have digital connectivity, the sellers continue to have control over the product. The hunter becomes the hunted (or in this case the landlord becomes the tenant or should it be the renter becomes the rented…)- we are renters of our own objects, there by the grace of the ‘true owner’.

Older batteries, ageing phones and the ever so gentle nudge to buy the new smartphone…we all go through it.

We seem to have fewer rights as digital tenants than we do as tenants of real estate(where eviction is subject to due process and both sides have a voice and a choice).

How long before our devices start behaving like spies and taskmasters in our own (smart) home? Connectivity and embedded intelligence are at the fulcrum of push and control that large corporations exercise over us on their path to bigger margins and greater profits.

For all the tenancy rights violation, we just may be at the tip of some tenancy riots. So the next time you purchase something, ask ‘ Is it yours truly ? ‘.

Yours Truly!