A trap called ” I’ll do it later “


We are hardwired for procrastination. In the toss-up between fight or flight, flight, flight is more often the winner. And since the brain is the laziest organ in the body, unless there is active nudging, deferring decisions is a piece of cake. According overt importance to preserving the status quo- irrespective of whether it is actually a state of impasse that you are creating. Happy not to be countering or addressing the friction and inertia that will actually make things better.


If you are anyone like me, there are a list of things that you wish you had done but did not. Be it a new job that you did not apply for, the book you did not write or the business idea that you did not pitch to anyone. You always had the ” I”ll do it later ” refrain coming in the way and giving up on the opportunity to make your dent in the universe, your chance to discover the greatness resident within you. As a result, we pass up opportunities to level up.


“I’ll do it later.” We’ve all said it, especially when faced with a new challenge or opportunity.Maybe for you, it was a promotion, a chance to lead a project, or a call to step up and make a difference. In the moment, it feels safe and convenient to put it off.


But as time passes, that feeling of unease grows. You realize that “later” is a form of hiding, keeping you stuck in The Gap between where you are and where you want to be.


What sets universe-denters apart from the rest is their willingness to take action, while everyone else is waiting for “later.”


If you want to write but don’t, it keeps you from insisting that people read your mind, understand your gestures and generally guess what you want. The person who most benefits from your writing might be you. And that when it is done NOW, NOT LATER!


You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin


You might put things off but sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences. The present is a present. It’s worth extracting from Eckhart Toile‘s seminal classic ” The Power of Now ” where he echoes that only the present moment is real and only the present moment matters, and both an individual’s past and future are created by their thoughts.


See you later?

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