Sleep of faith to leap of faith!


Before anything let me admit that this rant is not about jumping off from a plane and then figuring out whether you have a parachute and if so, trying to assemble it on your way down.


That said, your intuition is the best GPS app you can have in the operating system of your life. It’s that subtle tug in your gut that guides you, even when the destination isn’t mapped out. Leaps of faith get triggered by intuition.


The default guard rail fondly called the status quo is not the premise to grow, prosper, progress, explore, discover or invent. That is where you see entrepreneurs continuing to invest time, resources and energy into their ideas or projects that has gone sideways long ago. As they are burdened under the weight of the ‘ sunken costs ‘.  This is when you see someone continue to work in an organisation inspite of an acerbic culture and little chance for freedom of expression or career progression. Exactly the same thing in relationships which have gone bitter but you continue to hold on thinking that things will change for the better.


This should not be news to any of you. Our comfort zones are the domicile where our dreams travel to gather dust. As you take your plunge and that overdue leap of faith, you need to let go of the trapeze and trust that you will find your wings on the way down or find an handle to hang onto. The typical playbook will never encourage to disrupt the status quo. Put that playbook into the bonfire.



It is good to understand that the universe always has bigger, better plans and it’s the seemingly precarious leaps that often lead to the most exhilarating flights.


“Most of what I know I’ve learned from falling, from placing the brighter side of my hands against the earth and pressing until vertical. The ground has taught me more about flight than the sky ever could.”

― Rudy FranciscoI’ll Fly Away


Fear, apprehension, self-doubt will come and scream in your ear which is when you wear your noise cancelling headphones(metaphorically speaking) and distill the signal from the noise.

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