Selective love!

Have a couple of thoughts to share. Hope you don’t snigger at the first one:

1. You would have seen the Snickers commercial on TV saying ” You are not you when you are hungry “- but I am always hungry, so what does that make me? Hungry young man? Perhaps I should ask Dominos. Or Big B?

2. I know in a a couple of days time love will be in the air, hair and everywhere (with so much of it being carefully hoarded and unused the rest of the 364 days only to pour out in an unabashed raging premium torrent on the 14th Feb)- anyway without using too much air time I wanted to know

” Can’t it be Rose,Rose aankhon thaley ? ” Why does it have to be only on the 14th Feb? For the love of me, I just can’t seem to understand..perhaps Valentine would!